Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As a quick preface to the bulk of this post, I have been out of touch (technologically speaking) due to an unforeseen change in plans. About a month ago my father was involved in an accident with an ATV and two days later my parents helped their dog deliver a litter of 7 beautiful springer spaniel puppies.
My mother quickly wore herself out with the pressure of caring for an injured husband, a dog that developed an infection in her mammary gland, 7 puppies and running their large dog kennel. I received a phone call shortly thereafter begging for my assistance. So here I am, almost 3 weeks later, living in my parents' basement and working with/for them.
The best part is I get all the puppy love a girl could need...... Oh how comforting the smell of puppy breath can be. Here's a little taste of what I get the pleasure of playing with each day. (Don't get me wrong, I have been working my a** off from dawn til dust but these guys make it all worth while).