Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Crafty Christmas Past

Now that we have finally finished distributing all of our handmade Christmas gifts, I figured it was time to share our awesomeness! As a challenge to the consumer driven madness that engulfs Christmas, we decided to set a very small budget for the 30+ gifts we wanted to give.  So with $35 (now this number is out-of-pocket expenses and I realize this wouldn't have been possible without a decent craft goods stash already on hand) and some creativity, this is what we made:

4 different baby toys

5 drool bibs

1 super hero cape

3 super hero masks

2 bean bag games

8 scarfs + 3 accent flowers

2 framed family photos (printed at home and used old frames)

2 framed photo posters (made on shutterfly for free after redeeming Coke Rewards points, which my parents collect for us.  Yes, we take advantage of other peoples' bad habits.  We also used old frames that we already owned)

3 batches of frozen cookie dough balls

Hopefully everyone liked their handmade gems!


Katie said...

Hi! I love all the gifts you made-especially those cute cubes and balls.
The family looks great! -Katie

Cindy said...

Thanks Katie! You inspire me.

Michael and Hannah said...

I'm in awe!

Cindy said...

You're sweet Hannah! I have a few goodies for your new guy too.