Friday, May 30, 2008

A rocketship, a comedian and a dream come true

Another wild week! After driving to Fort Collins approximately 30 minutes before Windsor was leveled by a tornado, I finally got the tattoo of my dreams. By the end of that Thursday, I was feeling so very grateful for all of the people I am fortunate to know and love. Curtis Burgess at Tribal Rites Tattoo and Piercing is an amazing artist and I can't believe have been lucky enough to know such a talented person for over half of my life.

Most of the old bowling alley crew showed me tons of love as well, and again, I am so very grateful.

My friend, Biscuit (a.k.a. Ashley) has become one of the few people I have allowed further into my mind and has become an amazing companion in my life. Thank you Biscy! I spent most of my socializing with her last weekend and I was overly happy to get to see her in her city and mine ;).

Monday was Memorial Day and although everyone I knew was planning BBQs and sleeping in, I was off to the bakery to make life sweet. Mondays are fun at Adagio Bakery because the shop is closed to the public and we simply bake to our hearts content. There are so many perks to my new position and each day I remind myself how truly awesome life is. The best part of Monday was that the weather wasn't cooperating with all of the BBQ plans, but was the perfect day to be inside near an over with the comforting aroma of fresh pastries.

Almost a year ago I met Kim when we worked together at Panera. On our first outing together we went to see Doug Benson at Comedy Works. On Wednesday, we commemorated our anniversary with another trip to Comedy Works to see Doug Benson. After early mojitos and tapas, we found ourselves seated in the second row which were much better seats than we previously had. Kim had been corresponding with D.B. himself over the last few months and was more than giddy about finally meeting him. After a brief trip to the bathroom, Kim found herself face-to-face with the man. Their conversation continued after the hilarious show in the lobby and then again on the street. In the end, he told her he would see her at her work over the weekend. Woo hoo, and now I have a picture of Kim and Dougy!

Started my first full week of working as a professional baker today and it was a great start! As always, have a wonderful weekend, remember to breath and look around constantly knowing that everyday is a beautiful day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Graduation cake, yard work, new job

During one of the interviews on Friday, I was offered a position and yesterday was my first day. I can honestly say, I love this job. I'm such a nerd but, I feel so comfortable and at home there. Plus, I was told I would be starting as part-time and today my boss said I would be working full-time! Yes! I need a paycheck again. And to top it off, I get paid weekly. I love that.
On Saturday, I began my day decorating two graduation cakes. These were a definite challenge for me, but after waking up Mig by yelling and demanding to know the whereabouts of my large beveled spatula, I successfully finished the cakes with exactly 2 minutes to spare.

After the cakes left my sight forever, we headed across the street to a moving sale the neighbors were having. We scored a super nice cherry walnut bookshelf which now houses my DVDs (and they fit perfectly) and some board games. Then it was off to yard work where the garden plot out front was finally tackled. There were two large root systems that caused a few problems including, but not limited to, a broken shovel, a broken hoe, and lots of angst. We finished the night off with a drive to Fort Collins for a graduation party and some good times with good friends and my lovely, wonderful sister.
Yesterday, the garden took her first breath of new life. Everything is in its place and planted. I think it looks really good. The wildflowers are next and will be sowed tomorrow. Thursday, I will be heading back to the Fort for some tattooing, hanging with my sis, and creating memories with friends. My final thought today is a reminder that life is wonderful and we choose what to make of it, so choose happiness and love!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fasting, parties and interviews

What a crazy week so far! Today is day 5 of an 8-day fast I am doing and so far, so good! What's funny though is last night Miguel (my boyfriend) and I were invited to a graduation party. This would be a blast during any other week, but not so much while refraining from food or alcohol. So, as I looked up the venue online (so I would know where to go), we realized that it was a Mexican restaurant. Miguel is a HUGE Mexican food junky and decided right then that he didn't want to go. He said he wasn't sure if he could restrain himself from food. I told him this would be his biggest test of will power yet and that we should at least stop by to give our congratulations. So we go to the party, grab a glass of water with lemon and head over to our graduating friend to say hello. There we stood amidst the smells of awesome food and people consume their tasty mind-altering beverages, trying to hold a meaningful conversation with our buddy. It didn't help that I am making two half-sheet cakes for his family graduation party and we talked mostly about those. At this point, I am beginning to salivate all over Miguel and can hardly take anymore temptation, so we made some excuse about having a million things to do and practically ran out the door. In reflection, I feel awful about being so selfish that I couldn't put my desires aside and be a true friend. But, I also figure my friend probably got loaded, took a cab to his hotel room and had some sex. All in all, I hardly doubt he is upset by our mad dash to the door.

Today is going to be a great day, I can just feel it. I have two interviews for baking positions today. Both at great and reputable companies as well. So long as neither of these go the way my 'interview' went yesterday (I was told to be there at 3pm to interview, yet when I arrived some random guy shooed me aside and told me to fill out an application, and then didn't speak to me again because he was in a meeting, uh okay). Cross your fingers for me! I hope at least one of these two interviews works out; I want to go back to work.

Tomorrow I shall discuss my adventures with creating two marble sheet cakes with the Metro State Roadrunners logo on top. All things I have never done before! Ha, should be a hoot! Happy Friday to all!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Blog

This is my first attempt at a blog. I am sure things will get easier and better with practice. I decided to begin this venture to share all of the wonderfully sweet things I experience, create, remember, and witness.

I recently began a complete life transformation which started last December when I decided to quit my job to find my 'true calling'. Through some guidance and intuition, I realized that I want my time here on earth to mean something. I have always loved to bake and I felt this growing desire to make a profession of it. So, I took a break from graduate school and enrolled in a Pastry Skills course at a wonderful culinary school in Boulder, CO.

After completing the class, I came out with new friends, understanding and a deeper passion for creating beauty with food. Now, I am looking for a baking position at a local bakery where I can apply my skills and pay some bills. Last weekend, I entered a 4-tiered Chocolate Wedding Cake in a local competition (pictures below). Although I didn't place at all, I learned a lot and showed my work.

Here we are, starting a blog so that I can remember my life and share it with others. I will post a variety of things, because I cannot focus on one subject.