Friday, January 18, 2013


When I was a kid, my hair was long and it stayed that way until I was a teenager in search of a way to express my rebellion.  After that first short haircut (which landed me in a great deal of trouble with my father), I have been traveling down the same rolling road of growing my hair long and then cutting it super short.  About four years ago, I chopped my hair off yet again and donated the ponytail, then I began the old growing out phase once more.  Since then, I got married and had two babies all the while letting the mane grow.

It's soo long!
On Monday, after months of losing handfuls of hair (thank you postpartum hormones), I opted to go short once more! There is something super liberating about cutting away something that has been apart of you for years.  I figured that if I'm serious about making big changes this year, why not start with the thing that is the easiest to alter?  Plus, my hair will (hopefully) make a nice wig for someone in need.

Much better!

This is the look of Liberation!

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Michael and Hannah said...

Wow! That do would feel great in Florida! Come see me! :o)