Thursday, January 24, 2013

6 Months of Piper!

Ever feel like you're in a time warp? I'm still trying to wrap my head around how Piper could possibly be six months old already.  On Wednesday we got to see just how much our dear Pipes has grown in her short time on the planet when we met our friend Nikki's new baby, Xavier. Their short five month age difference seemed much larger as Piper's head is about the same size as Xavier's entire body. As predicted, Salem bored of our visit rather quickly so he and Miguel slipped away to enjoy a chilly morning at the City Park playground. 

Nikki shared her birth story, which was rather humbling for me.  I feel so blessed to have had relatively smooth pregnancies and deliveries.  The more tales of motherhood that I hear, the more I realize just how different our experiences can be.  I'm sure if it was just Piper and I visiting, we would have stayed all afternoon but my boys needed to sleep so our trip was short and sweet. 

Between swimming with our friends, Kylee (, Cherylynn and their twins, Henry and JoJo on Sunday, fighting off potential illness on Monday, a wagon ride to the park on Tuesday, meeting Xavier on Wednesday and a trip to Fort Collins today, we have had a busy week! Thank you to our friends for sharing your time and families with us and cheers to Piper for making the last six months even brighter than I could have imagined!
Can you believe these adorable outfits are size 12 month?!


Michael and Hannah said...

Oh my goodness, she has grown SO much! She's just gorgeous. So glad you're blogging now so I can see more pics of Piper!

Cindy said...

She is a beast! Thanks Hannah!

Ann said...

She is already so much bigger than when we were there! Wow, that was a month ago already... !