Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm back!

Well I have returned to a very snowy Colorado. I actually came home on Friday afternoon (despite the recent storms here). Then Miguel and I had family obligations in Fort Collins over the weekend, so technically yesterday was my first day home.
I need to organize my thoughts and pictures before I can write a proper post. Also, this blog may turn into my writing outlet for the wedding process. Over the last few weeks, my thoughts have been dominated by nuptials and one crazy idea (don't worry, I will let you know more soon). I am just revelling in gratitude for my amazing life, fiancee, friends and family! Hope you are all doing the same ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting Ready...

I feel like all I do lately is get ready for other things, but oh how exciting it has been! Right now I am making a pot of pizza/pasta sauce for Miguel so he can have stuff to munch on while I am away for 8 days. My pal, Kim has been given an ultimatum of take a promotion and get transferred or have no job. So of course, she is off to her next destination, Asheville, NC. Since I am not too busy these days, I am helping her drive across country beginning Thursday.

I haven't been out of CO in a while and I cannot express how excited I am to get away. After the move and when Kim starts her new position, I am renting a car and driving down the coast to Florida to visit my best friend in St. Augustine. Wow!!! That's alot of time in an automobile and some much needed peace. I will then be driving back to NC to catch my flight home.

I am so geeked for this experience! Not sure when I will be able to post again for I am leaving the laptop in Denver ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Changing Lanes

Well after almost thirty years of misery, I have recently made the decision to completely alter my thinking. I refuse to play the victim anymore.
For the majority of my teen and adult years I spent too much time and energy comparing myself and my life to others. I was envious of many because of their career, financial status, material goods, happiness, love, travels, etc. Well ladies and gents, that was a huge waste of time. I cannot possibly be able to conceive what others go through on a daily basis.

My life is awesome. I have a wonderful man, two fantastic dogs, my parents are married and my sister is my best friend, I have many friends. So what the fuck was I complaining about for so long?

If you have ever met me or known me for a period of time, you should know that I cannot do the 9-5 jobby. I don't think it is in my nature. So along with my new mindset comes a fresh thought about work and money. It is MY time to figure out what is best for ME and my soon-to-be hubby. Miguel and I are brewing up a fantastical idea that could be huge! A life change is in the works and it will benefit many. Until we make final plans/decisions, I will keep this idea under wraps. But you wait, this is a beautiful time in our lives!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Just wanted to give a quick update on how Lent is going. Actually, beyond my wildest expectations, it hasn't been too bad letting go of sugar. Sure, sure during the second week I had some serious cravings, but managed to make it through.
I actually have much more energy and stamina without the white stuff (sugar; wanted it to sound druggy, because it pretty much is). I have dropped a few more pounds and am finally making a habit of running, weights and yoga. I feel better than I have in the last decade!
That is all.

Tired Tuesday

I awoke at 1:45am today and it is now just about two hours later. For some reason recently, I cannot stay asleep. I am not miserable either, just don't sleep much. Days/nights like these remind me of my insomniac days in college...... I didn't really miss those but apparently my mind did.
I feel rather accomplished today. I have used my crockpot about 4 times in the last week and I find it utterly gratifying. You just put some stuff in, turn on, walk away. Hours later, tada! Yummy grub. Saturday morning I woke up (at 3am) and started to work on a baby quilt (first quilt ever)for a friend, finished it Sunday afternoon. I haven't been that focused on anything in a while. Inspired me to create more things.
Gratitude takes me over nowadays. I am filled with such intensely powerful emotions of overwhelming thanks for each and every person, place and thing in my life. I couldn't be happier than I am at this moment!
Happy Tuesday to All!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tearful Tuesday- MILK

Yesterday Miguel and I went our second date for the week to see the movie, Milk. I have been meaning to catch this flick for quite a while and I am glad I finally got to the theater. This movie is AMAZING! I guess the Academy Awards have already made that clear.

I cried, and I never cry at movies. It was so moving and heart breaking at the same time. So good. Sean Penn is amazing. That is all. I am so grateful for the opportunity and freedom to be able to go to movies like Milk.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Since kicking the sugar habit, I have felt an immense amount of natural energy surge through my body. I begin my days with some light meditation and gratitude for my life, then on to a 30 minute yoga tape (which is really helping my bent neck to realign), and then I hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. I have already dropped 5lbs just from leaving sugar behind (oh and bumping up my workouts).

Last night Mig and I decided to run a 5k in a few weeks which will set our qualifying time for the Bolder Boulder. I believe the timing is impeccable, quit eating sweets and replace it with exercise. Wow..... why did it take me almost a decade to switch back to this type of lifestyle?