Monday, October 18, 2010

A Patch of Pumpkins

On Saturdays, my sister likes to come out to the boonies and visit my little family. This past Saturday we all took a trip to the pumpkin patch. Halloween has always been a favorite holiday for me and Mig, and we hope Salem feels the same someday (especially because it was on Halloween that we found out about him). So, although Salem is too young to appreciate the awesomeness that is fall/harvest/Halloween/Dia de los Muertos we felt that there is no better time than the present to get him started!

This pumpkin patch is so adorable and its a local company so that makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you're dishing out your hard-earned cash.

Out first adventure was through the little tarp maze, which was fun and confusing at the same time!

We then took him into his very first spooky house!

And the necessary photos of my pumpkin with a bunch of pumpkins!

After all the excitement, little man couldn't help but crash out!

Monday, October 4, 2010

1 Year Anniversary

Yesterday marked the one-year wedding anniversary for me and Miguel. I can say without a doubt that more sh** happened/changed in our first year of marriage than in the entire course of our courtship. Ha!

Let's recap:

- Got married
- Moved into our rv and began traveling
- Traveled to the East Coast
- Found out I was pregnant
- Traveled through the South and to the West Coast
- Returned to Colorado
- Moved into my parents' basement
- Began working at the kennel again (both Miguel and I did)
- Moved out of my parents' basement and back into the rv
- Lived at a campground
- Started working at Home Depot (both Miguel and I did)
- Got too pregnant to be comfortable in the rv
- Moved back into my parents' basement
- Got hernia from pulling hoses at work
- Quit Home Depot
- Mig got his old job back in Denver and started working there again
- Mig lived in the rv in Denver for a month to save on gas money
- I was bit by a dog on my hand, swelled up for a week
- Mig moved back into the basement and began commuting to work
- Had a baby shower
- Had a baby :-)
- Stayed with parents for a few more months
- Moved into our own home
- Salem turned 3 months old

And that brings us to our first anniversary as a married couple! Happy Anniversary babe! Its been one hell of a ride!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Let the Nesting Commence!

Much to our dismay, Miguel and I were unsuccessful in securing a home for our little family prior to Salem's arrival and we were destined to live in my parents basement for a few more months. Not really a big deal except that I was robbed of my chance to 'nest' during my pregnancy.

On September 3, we finally moved out of the basement and into our first home as a family (and our first real home in almost a year)! I was so excited to finally give Salem a room of his own and that became my priority.

Because of my obsession with outer space, we decided that a room full of spacey-ness would be perfect for our son. First order of business was to assemble his furniture and then get to decorating. Miguel, Sara and I all pitched in to make the letters of his name from space inspired craft paper. After completion, we framed the letters and spelled his name up on the wall.

Next was to hang the variety of original artwork friends and family had given our lucky son.

Then, I ordered a super sweet (to scale) solar system mobile for his upward viewing pleasure and some spacey wall decals. Once they arrived on the doorstep, I immediately continued my work on the room.

Even after all of this, I thought the walls were still kind of bare so I cut out a bunch of hand-drawn stars from the left over craft papers we had used for the letters and placed them randomly throughout the room.

Finally, I decided to sew a new valance for the window and matching bumpers for his crib (which I naively thought were just for decoration until I found Salem with his head against the crib rails one night). I decided to document the process of bumper making and will type a short tutorial for my next post.

So, here's to my little man and his awesome room! Now that his space is complete, its time to tackle the rest of the house :-)

Salem Oliver Banuelos

Because I have been out of the blogging loop for so long, I figured I should probably give some information regarding our son, Salem Oliver Banuelos.

Salem (named primarily after the city in Massachusetts because that was where we discovered his presence) was born after a fairly quick and easy non-medicated delivery on June 28, 2010 at 7:50pm. He weighed in at a mere 6 lbs, 13 oz and was 18.5 in long. By my side during the whole process were my amazing husband, Miguel and wonderful sister, Sara.

Our little man came into the world beautiful and perfect!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Last time I posted anything, I was just a few months pregnant and now here I am with a 3-month old baby! Crazy how fast time can fly. In recent days/weeks I have had the pleasure of being introduced to some new blogs and it kinda got me in the mood to start writing again. Although the life of a stay-at-home mother is far from glamorous, I do find that perhaps I have a few things to share with the world. So, even though I'm sure I won't have the ability to post daily and perhaps not even weekly, I am determined to start trying! That's right internet.... I'm baaaaack! And here is a picture of where most of my energy goes:

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Since we have been back in CO life has absolutely flown by and I am really questioning the purpose of it all. Miguel and I have been slaving almost every moment of every day, never really getting a day off. I can say with absolute honesty and a bit of desperation that we HAVE to find a better way. This is not how I imagined my pregnancy or journey into marriage and motherhood.

So, I have ideas. Good ideas. I just need to be smart about how I take those ideas and formulate a plan. So be prepared to have your mind blown, because soon, very soon, things are going to change for good!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Moving Day!

After almost two months of living in my parents' basement and working at their kennel, Miguel and I finally broke free on Friday! Although the initial feeling was one of liberation, the following emotions were closer to fear and anxiety. We decided to bunk at my sister's house for the weekend while we finalized some decisions.

Being that we still own our motorhome and all of our belongings are piled into the beast, we have chosen to live there again. So, Friday morning was filled with searching for an affordable place to park the rv and call home. We came across a wonderful location by the name of, Riverview RV Park & Campground, located outside Loveland, CO on the Big Thompson River. This was an easy choice to make because of the long-term rent costs ($375/month) and many amenities, which include full hookups, free WiFi, cable, a dog park, laundry, showers, river access, trails, clean drinking water, etc.

With a new place in order, we decided to go look at cars for purchase. We have a little money saved up and would like to buy a vehicle with cash (especially since I am still looking for employment). Our mission quickly became a disappointment and we called it quits in order to eat lunch/play with the dogs.

We had a commitment to work at the kennel for the weekend so Mig and I decided that we would move into the new digs on Monday after he got off work. That leaves us here, today, Monday-Moving Day. By the time the sun goes down, we will be parked along the river and reorganizing our house in order to get/remain comfortable for the next few months.