Friday, March 1, 2013

How We Rock a Snow Day

Piper woke me up at 5:30am on Tuesday morning, which is pretty typical.  I decided that since we were awake and the boys were not, that we should get our grocery shopping done first thing.  I mistakenly assumed that Sprouts Market opened at 6:30am, so that's when we arrived.  In reality, the store didn't open until 7am and during that half hour that Piper and I waited in the parking lot, it began to snow.  By the time we finally checked out with our loot, it had snowed an inch. 

Miguel and Salem gleefully greeted us upon our return home and we all settled into our snow day.  Piper was exhausted after our eventful morning and fell deep asleep for her nap.  Salem was so excited about the new snack choices that he threw on his super hero cape and mask and "flew" around the house while munching.  My favorite part of super hero Salem is when he shouts the cutest mispronunciation of his super name, 'Stupid Man' and then makes flying sounds.  It makes my heart smiles every time.
Once he ate an entire container of blackberries and cherry tomatoes, Salem was ready to put on clothes and head outside.  We have a steep little incline in our backyard and with some help from Miguel, a nice mini sledding hill was built for Salem to try.  However, we don't own a sled so I was left to my creativity to come up with one.  I gave Salem a  piece of cardboard to try, but he kept digging into the snow.  After returning to the garage to examine our resources, I spotted my snowboard; what better instrument for sliding down a snowy hill than one that is meant for that exact reason?

Salem LOVED flying down the hill and Miguel continually erupted in laughter as he watched.  The boys played outside until their fingers were numb and then they came in to warm up. While Salem napped, I made a pineapple flax carrot cake with coconut and walnuts, which I served with homemade greek yogurt, blackberries and a drizzle of honey.  Yum!
Piper awoke after a two hour nap happy and hungry, which meant I was glued to the couch for quite a while. During the down time with my girl, I searched for something different and easy to whip up for supper.  I settled on chicken, veggies and noodles in a peanut sauce (using the peanut butter I made from scratch just after returning from the store in the morning).  As soon as I could break away from the famished babe, I prepared a delicious meal and enjoyed it with my family as we reminisced about our amazing snow day.


Michael and Hannah said...

Grocery shopping at 6:30 in the morning!! YOU are the super-momma!!! I've done some late night grocery runs, but I've never been a morning person. No matter how many kids I have, they can't make me be a morning person!!!! ;o) I'm so jealous of the snow - my kids want to see snow SO badly.

Katie said...

I want to spend a snow day with your family!! That looks so fun...and delicious!
Love your new blog banner too.