Thursday, February 28, 2013

Piper's Place

Piper never really took to sleeping in her crib very well and tended to wake up more during the night when I put her in there.  Co-sleeping worked better for us anyway since she wakes to nurse.  While I was changing things up for Salem, I figured I should do the same for Piper.  During my research, I read a bunch about Montessori beds for babies, which are the same as they are for toddlers/preschoolers. Many people stated that their babies even slept better once they were on a floor mattress rather than in a crib. We decided it was worth a shot and upgraded Piper's area in our room.
I should learn to take before photos so these changes would seem more dramatic
The mobile I made for Pipes before she was born still works with the new bed and I scored a super cute sheet set for $4.60 on clearance at Target.  That's thrift store pricing right there! I love that if she rolls off the mattress, she can't get hurt.  Since our dear babe will be crawling about soon, I added some books and toys (which I found when organizing Salem's room) to the area to hopefully entertain her.  I have an idea for baby safe wall decor, which I will add at her level soon.  
Piper's vantage point
We swapped beds so I could see what she sees
Piper has been sleeping on her new digs for a week now and she seems to like the room to move about.  I like that when she wakes up at night to nurse, I just go lay with her and then return to my own space when she finishes.  She has also been putting herself to sleep for her morning nap, which was super rare before.
Reading to his sister

All in all, I think the room upgrades for the kids are going to work out.  It will be interesting to watch them grow in their new environments.

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