Monday, January 11, 2010

Moving Day!

After almost two months of living in my parents' basement and working at their kennel, Miguel and I finally broke free on Friday! Although the initial feeling was one of liberation, the following emotions were closer to fear and anxiety. We decided to bunk at my sister's house for the weekend while we finalized some decisions.

Being that we still own our motorhome and all of our belongings are piled into the beast, we have chosen to live there again. So, Friday morning was filled with searching for an affordable place to park the rv and call home. We came across a wonderful location by the name of, Riverview RV Park & Campground, located outside Loveland, CO on the Big Thompson River. This was an easy choice to make because of the long-term rent costs ($375/month) and many amenities, which include full hookups, free WiFi, cable, a dog park, laundry, showers, river access, trails, clean drinking water, etc.

With a new place in order, we decided to go look at cars for purchase. We have a little money saved up and would like to buy a vehicle with cash (especially since I am still looking for employment). Our mission quickly became a disappointment and we called it quits in order to eat lunch/play with the dogs.

We had a commitment to work at the kennel for the weekend so Mig and I decided that we would move into the new digs on Monday after he got off work. That leaves us here, today, Monday-Moving Day. By the time the sun goes down, we will be parked along the river and reorganizing our house in order to get/remain comfortable for the next few months.